Children ages 5-17 will learn multiple styles of Latin Dance and will be required to perform in an end of the year recital. Age and ability will be considered when placing children in the classes. Students who are 18 must have not graduated high school to be part of Segovia Kids. Once 18 year old students graduate they must either join the adult classes and or performance teams.

AT NO TIME will a child of less than 18 years of age be partnered with an adult 18 years of age who has graduated from high school or older. This excludes father & daughter dances and mother & son dances. Segovia Dance Company also reserves the right to request birth records for verification of relation to minor students. 

2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR


Kids Latin Dance Program

Ages 5-18 (High school seniors) 

This is Louisiana's first ever dance school dedicated to teaching popular Latin dances. It is co-ed and is appropriate for all levels of dance experience. Partners are not necessary. Students will learn to lead and follow to assist with the understanding of the mechanics of partner work. Classical Ballet is required and incorporated into the curriculum to ensure proper technique is applied in all dance styles.


Students who are currently taking ballet or have taken ballet can opt to test out of our ballet classes or provide proof of classes being taken with another studio. 


 Ballet: Pink tights, black leotard, pink ballet slippers (black ballet skirts may be worn over the leotard)
                   Jazz:  Tan tights, black leotard and black Jazz shoes
                   Latin:  Tan tights, black leotard and Ballroom shoes (sold through Segovia Dance Company)
                   Hair: Pulled up and away from the face at all times

     Boys:  Ballet: Black jazz pants, White Segovia Dance t-shirt, Black ballet slippers
                    Jazz: Black Jazz pants, Black Segovia Dance t-shirt, Black jazz shoes
                    Latin:  Black Jazz pants, White Segovia Dance t-shirt, black ballroom shoes with a Cuban heel (sold through Segovia Dance Company)
                    Hair: Well groomed, out of the face, ABSOLUTELY NO FACIAL HAIR


1. Students are to arrive at least 10 minutes before class and be picked up immediately after class ends.

2. Whenever possible, notify the studio when you will be absent. If you decide to drop out of classes, please let the instructor and the office know of your intentions.

3. Segovia Dance Company is closed for all holidays that the Lafayette Parish Schools are closed. Classes may be cancelled due to inclement weather. The closing of Lafayette Parish Schools are usually the guideline for classes to be cancelled. Please call the studio for a recorded message to confirm if classes have been cancelled.

4. Make-Up Classes- If class is missed due to illness, injury, weather, etc., a student will be allowed to make-up the missed class at another time in a class of equal ability. The student must schedule the make-up class with the instructor. Make-up classes are not eligible for perfect attendance.

5. Anyone with more than seven absences will not be allowed to participate in the recital.

6.No food or drinks are allowed in the dance studio.

7. Gum is allowed in the dance studio during partner work lessons.

8. Cover-ups or street clothes will be worn to and from class.

9. Jewelry or cell phones are not allowed during class.

10. CELL PHONES ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED during ALL events. Students are allowed to use the studio phone and cell phone to contact their parents.

11. At no time will Segovia Dance Company, Owner, or classroom moms be held responsible for lost or stolen phones if students break this rule.

12. Students names should be on every item, especially dance shoes, dance bags, and book bags due to items getting lost or being mixed up with another student's belongings. The staff will assume no responsibility for any lost or misplaced items. 

13. Proper respect for the director, staff, studio, curriculum, fellow students, and facility is expected of all students, parents, and siblings, on or off-site. When participating in a studio event, out-of-town excursions, or when wearing the studio logo, acceptable behavior is as important as dance ability. Misbehavior and disrespect will not be tolerated. 

14. Please do not park directly in front of the studio. This area is reserved for pick up and drop off only.

15. Parent watch nights will be held during the month of November. Notice of exact dates will be given in a timely manner. 

16. Each class with be assigned a Classroom Mom. Classroom Moms will be responsible for organizing class parties and relaying information to other students and parents. Classroom Moms are volunteers and there is no compensation other than the opportunity to be involved in your child's dance education.


  • Tuition is not based on single lesson or by the month. It is a yearly fee covering the dance year, which begins the day after Labor Day (September 5) and ends the day of the dance recital. Statements are handed out in class during the last week of each month, unless mailing is requested. Monthly tuition fees are due by the 5th of the month. Payments can either be made online through your MindBody online account portal, at the studio, or by mail. We strongly recommend payment by debit or credit card, check, or money order. * For families of two or more, a 15% discount is given for monthly tuition.
  • Costume charges are billed on November 1st and are due by November 20th. They must be paid in full with December tuition before your child's costume can be ordered and/or received.
  • The performance fee is billed on March 1st and is due by March 20th. The performance fee must be paid along with your final balance in order for the family to receive performance tickets.
  • A $5.00 late charge will be added to accounts which are not paid by the 15th of the month. 
  • A $35.00 charge will be added per NSF transaction.