Renee Segovia is from Mire, Louisiana, and is the Owner and Director of Segovia Dance Company. Renee has been teaching Latin dance since 2013. Her passion for dance began in 1991 when she studied jazz, tap and ballet with De LaRue Dance Center over the course of 6 years. She also has a background and education in music having played the saxophone in marching and concert band for 7 years. In 2007 Renee fell in love with Latin music and dance and started a long and passionate pursuit to learn the art. No stranger to hard work, she began focused training in Latin dance in Atlanta, Georgia with world renowned instructors and choreographers. She continues to receive training by attending congresses and festivals throughout the United States to bring the latest trends and techniques to her students.


Renee specializes in dancing On2/Mambo, also referred to as New York style salsa. She has developed a unique ability to lead as proficiently as she follows, a talent few female dancers possess. It has become her mission to enrich the lives of anyone willing to learn one dance at a time.

Christina Gray is originally from Clifton Park, NY. She has had a love for dance since a young child, taking classes in ballet and tap. As she grew older she chose to follow her dream of riding racehorses, but always found time to dance socially and learned merengue, bachata and salsa along the way. An original member of the Segovia Dance Company Performance Team, Christina is continuing her training. She loves sharing her passion for dance with people who want to learn.

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